Two of my closest travel buddies and I made a spontaneous weekend trip to New York City this weekend. had roundtrip airfare for only $398 from PHX to EWR, so we didn’t think twice before booking our flights. One of my buddies, Alejandro, was currently working as a co-op for Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ and let us crash at his place for Friday night. Some last minute plans and a couple drinks later we were on the train en route to Penn Station.

NY | NJ Flying over the Hudson River.

We booked our one night stay at the W Downtown NYC in the financial district and went straight to drop off our luggage so we could immediately go into full blown tourist mode. With only 48 hours on our clock, we skipped traffic and went straight to the heliport on pier 6. Not a bad start for being my first time in the Big Apple. Getting a bird’s-eye view of the city gave me a great perspective and better sense of direction for New York City. Next up were your traditional and iconic “must go” places as a first timer in New York. Times Square, Central Park, the Financial District…

It didn’t take us too long to scratch those off our list thanks to our cruiser boards we brought along. I recommend packing a cruiser board if you know how to ride one, you’ll save lots of time getting from point A to B in a traffic saturated city like NYC, especially on flash trips like this one. It’s also fun to experience new places a little differently than everyone else.

nyc 2Between Uber rides across the Brooklyn Bridge and lazy strolls up and down Manhattan our clock time in the city quickly ran out. New York is best at night and we couldn’t leave the city without getting a taste of the nightlife. We met up with some old friends who live in Manhattan and Hoboken. Needless to say, getting rowdy Saturday night in New York City was not so much fun the next day.

Luckily the W had a breakfast pub and some bomb bacon burgers to bring us back to life and knock out the final spots on our list. We caught the last train back to Alejandro’ s place in New Jersey, Fernando and I packed our stuff, and we were on our way home first thing in the morning.

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