I bought myself a plane ticket to San Francisco as a birthday present. NorCal isn’t necessarily my cup of tea when it comes to weather (I’m not a fan of the fog or the cold winds), but I’m a sucker for cheap airfares and new destinations. Better yet, my two best friends who where also celebrating their birthdays were joining me. We found a really nice place on Airbnb.com, center of the city, 3 beds, shower, kitchen, wifi… the whole package, and the owner was a club DJ as an added bonus!

We didn’t have much of a plan coming into the city so we relied upon the recommendations of our Airbnb host. We rallied up some google search results with some good ol’ traditional San Francisco places like the Golden Gate, Fisherman Wharf, Painted Ladies and such to start with, the rest of the trip we decided to just wing it. San Francisco is not as big a city as I thought it would be. If not for the traffic, getting from point A to point B was just a quick Uber hitch ride away.

I was done with most of the places I needed to visit on our first day. What I was most excited about was my mini road-trip down the famous California Highway 1 to Big Sur. I rented a Honda Civic through a company called GetAround.com, I believe they’re still in their startup phases, but the service was great nonetheless. All I had to do was download their peer-to-peer car sharing app, pulled up the locations of the available cars closest to me, and unlocked them with my phone.

I left San Francisco right about dawn. It took me 3 hours to drive from the city down to McWay Falls in Big Sur. The California Highway 1 truly lives up to its hype for being one of the most scenic routes in the United States. There were several scenic spots on the way like the historic Bixby Creek Bridge. Its probably one of the most photographed bridges along the Pacific Coast due to its aesthetic design and location. If you look up #bixbybridge on Instagram you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

McWay falls was also pretty surreal to see in person. It was 9am or 10am when I arrive so most of the fog that covers the coast had not burned off yet. It was hard to capture a quality shot that would best showcase this place from my perspective so I skipped it and moved on. Big Sur is too grand and amazing to cover everything in one visit, let alone just a fraction of a day. I still had to drive back to San Francisco and regroup with my friends.

On my drive back to the city I took a detour into the town of Santa Cruz. I stumbled upon an image on Instagram of a cave that leads into the sea. It took me a while to find this place, most of the people I asked pointed me in the right direction, but could not really pin point the location on Maps. Finally, on one of the scenic stops just north of Santa Cruz, two fellow hikers sent me to Davenport Beach where I found my destination called Shark Fin Cove.

My last stop brought me to Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, and the outskirts of San Francisco. I didn’t have enough time left to rent gear, suit up, and surf at Pacifica like I had originally planned to, but I found an interesting and ominous looking structure alongside the highway between Pacifica and Montara Beach. Lastly, I got back to the city to regroup with my friends at The Proxy.

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